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Originally from Hull, I now live in Llanberis, North Wales. Totally addicted to climbing, I work at the Indy Climbing wall and as a freelance routesetter to fund my dirty habit.

12 March 2011

No climbing zone.

Uni work, a First Aid course and the 'rest phase' of muscular hypertrophy have dictated a 4 day rest, but I didn't want you all getting bored so I've provided links (on the right-hand side) to Mike Goldthorp and Guy Van Greuning's blogs.

Mikey is an optimistic cupboard-dwelling rock tiger, and having no conceptual grasp of word 'adversity', is bound to end up on the front of a magazine or as a jigsaw puzzle-esque autopsy. Guy in his aspirational Trashbat style, is a man with his finger on the pulse, always at the cutting edge of the 'scene', in other words; an emo.

The third link directs you to my UKC logbook if you wanted to know a little more about the routes under review.

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