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Originally from Hull, I now live in Llanberis, North Wales. Totally addicted to climbing, I work at the Indy Climbing wall and as a freelance routesetter to fund my dirty habit.

10 March 2011

An inspiring day.

Yesterday the BUMS went to the Orme looking for shelter from the wind. Turns out the shade was as cold as the wind, and so, not much got done.

On top of the cold conditions I felt totally useless dogging two 7a's (Quicksilver and Julio Juventio) one of which I didn't even make it to the top of. I did manage to do Vagal Inhibition (E2 5c) though, so it wasn't a sendless day, but it made me realise just how quickly you can improve/lose your climbing ability, especially fitness.

Back at home the inspiration for endurance was surging, and so began a big training session. Me, Laura, Dunc and Mikey set up a circuit session incorporating core, arms and legs. After a good hour or so we were all spent and warmed-down with some stretching focussing on frogging ability. Huge gains were made really quickly, and I'd throughly recommend it, as being able to 'frog' pays on about-vertical terrain.

Group training is where it's at! Hopefully we'll keep it up and be lean machines sometime soon...

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