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Originally from Hull, I now live in Llanberis, North Wales. Totally addicted to climbing, I work at the Indy Climbing wall and as a freelance routesetter to fund my dirty habit.

26 December 2011

Tecking hell!

Well, I've subscribed to a small (or potentially rather large) piece of the future. The blog is coming at you live from the palm of my hand. See, here I have one of the most carefully put together lumps of silicon known to man. It's a pigging itouch. With the idea of getting it just for music it turns out that its pretty fascinating. Im just tapping away on the screen and I can do pretty much anything. I can make a video and post it to the world, tap it on another iPod and steal its music, find out the name of any song in the world and even, as I am doing, write a blogage. It's not even that fiddly. So I should say, thanks mum! It's not the only new thing I got for Christmas, as well as a few extra pounds (the good ones and the bad ones)I got round to kitting out the back of my van for sleeping in, and I must say its absolutely brilliant. Loads of snazzy features including carpetted walls, insulated roof, secret storage and a pull out patio. Its just as I'd hoped, but it was only with the help of my dad and his step dad that I managed it. Alan, my step grandad recently converted a transit van so he knew the score, and with a selection of tools, bob the builder could only dream of it still took 2 days. Thanks for all the help.
I give it a test run last night, parking at ilkley late last night, me and guy VG bedded down for a surprisingly warm night, marred only by chavs performing crap burn outs. We woke this morning to gnarly winds and goppy rock. After throwing handfuls of chalk at my ring piece... Sorry I mean, my intended project- ringpiece, we had a quick warm up and went back to try but to no avail! The ringpiece was too moist, we hopped back in the van and hot-footed it to almscliff. here we found the wind to be even gnarlier, whipping around all over the place. Even the cows feared lift off. I got straight on with underhand (v8/9), i had a pretty decent flash burn but 2 hours later there was still no tick. I got the sequence fine tuned, but it never got sent. As I got efficient, I wilted also. It was time to throw in the trowel. with 30minutes left I headed to an old highball enemy. I've put in the hours on syretts roof (v6) but today it went second go. Dimming light, one more. Another problem I'd tried before, teaspoon left hand (v7), saw the last of my wind swept attention. I couldn't remember the moves and it took a good bit of figuring out. In the end a sleek, and stylish sequence provided the medium for success. So having not managed my two wish list problems, I had two great consolation prizes and a successful trial run in the van. Thank you Santa.
P.s I think any future blogs will still be done on my laptop, it is a little fiddly but I made it.
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